Love is in the air !

It’s that time of the year again ! While the pressure’s building up on how one can find a meaningful present, how about you go back to the ages this Valentine’s Day ?
There is still charm left in opting for a bunch of roses just to see the blush it brings on the face you love. But as always, we’re going to tell you how to take it up a notch. Three valentine’s gift ideas from Oneroze to make your day special. Find the aesthete in you and curate tasteful gifts for your loved one, this Valentine’s Day. 
Make an addition to her wardrobe by surprising her with those Valentino stilettos she has been eyeing for a while. Or that Chloe Drew in a greyish beige that goes with almost everything.
Unwind with a glass of wine at the end of the day & if your gifting style is our limited edition La Fleurir with exotic fleurs, then you’ve got yourself a spectacular centre piece for the romantic dinner date you have planned for her.
Who wouldn’t love a nice long soak in a bath tub with therapeutic aromas of bath & body works, rose petals & fragrant candles. Our Oneroze classic box of roses on side make it a quintessential mise en scène, only to make it completely Instagram worthy.
Love has been here around us for ages and  here’s why we serve to you a promise of preservation with our long lasting roses from our Frozen in Time edition. These roses last for almost upto an year to three years. We take deep care in making your bouquet long lasting, while she enjoys the exquisite beauty of the roses for the years to come. 
Get your Valentine’s arrangements today !


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