About Us

Keerthi Reddy, Co-founder

With OneRoze, Keerthi gave life to her passion and dream together. She has always envisioned luxury lifestyle and gifting. With creative illustrations, she is blending the tradition of gifting flowers with design innovation. Her team has begun its artistry by making exclusive designer arrangements of roses & exotic foliage. She is responsible for the visual expression of OneRoze.

Alok Reddy, Co-founder

Alok has been responsible for making his co-founder Keerthi’s idea a reality. Together, they are working towards building a brand on ephemeral beauty of roses combining gifting with unprecedented luxury experience. His team comes with an ocean of experience on the web development and design front. He is the mind behind Oneroze E-commerce.

Archana Rao, Designer

A graduate of Parson School of Design, her label Frou-Frou is fashion romantic. Her work combines vintage Parisian charm with modern artwork. She is the brain behind our La Fleurir collection, which has been inspired by Taj Mahal, famous Versailles Palace Garden, and Champs de Elysees Hi-street in Paris.