A Trip Down Floral Lane

A Trip Down Floral Lane

It all started with a girl’s love for flowers and travelling. Having travelled to multiple places, nothing struck a chord sweeter than beautiful, enchanting roses. OneRoze was, thus, formed. It is a concept that fuses the radiance of roses with luxurious packaging to give an unforgettable gifting experience.

All of our products are carefully shipped from different parts of the world and tenderly packaged so that your loved one truly experiences the warmth of your love.


24 fresh roses, each handpicked from our Dutch farms, are packaged artistically in a signature rectangle box. The box is designed carefully keeping air circulation in mind so that the roses reach you fresh and fragrant. Besides, we also provide special hydration tubes to ensure the same. Each flower has its own hydration tube. In the box, you will find a flower food sachet and an instruction manual that will help you keep the flowers fresh longer.

Spread happiness, spread love, spread Impressions!

Caring for these charming roses:

  1. Take a gorgeous vase (to compliment the flowers) and fill water up to 3/4th mark
  2. Cut the stem of each rose in a sharp angle
  3. Place the roses into the vase
  4. Keep your roses healthy with their special food and lively with fresh water everyday

La Fleurir The Signature Line

Inspired from the Famous French hat boxes, this collection is renewed every year, with the onset of fresh flowers. Each hatbox carries fresh roses arranged with gorgeous (imported fillers) and add-ons from Netherlands.

The Limited Collection

Especially designed by Archana Rao, known for her fine French taste and creative approach, the limited edition collection speaks of a story and a beautiful place to transport you and your loved one into a dream.

This collection mainly consists of French assortments, which majorly consist of roses along with seasonal fresh flowers such as Hydrangea, Hypericum, Calla lilies, and Hyacinth imported from Netherlands.

Frozen in time

16 of the world’s longest lasting roses are packaged carefully into custom-made special acrylic boxes. These roses are handpicked from farms once they bloom and then treated in special conditions to last from 6 months to 2 years. Thus, they are literally frozen in time to stay garden-fresh and blooming for a very, very long time. They are also accentuated with foliage to bring out their vibrancy.

The instruction manual gives you detailed care instructions so that the flowers enhance te décor of your home.

There you go! Indulge in the fragrance and luxury of our collection and spread happiness!