About a Rose: The history of a timeless flower

About a Rose: The history of a timeless flower

Rose, the name itself evokes many myriad emotions such as love, beauty, joy, peace, friendship and remembrance. It is a flower famed for its timelessness and beauty, to an extent that it has made its way into the hearts of the people. Let us look at some interesting stories of this exquisite flower and understand its journey across time.

Legends associated with the rose:


flower deliveryA red rose is symbol of passionate love

Roses are an integral part of Roman and Greek culture and are a symbol of love commonly associated with their Goddess Venus or Aphrodite. According to Greek mythology, Aphrodite created a rose from her tears and the blood of her lover Adonis, who was mortally wounded after fighting a wild boar.

Another legend associated with the rose is that of a beautiful maiden named Rhodanthe. Rhodanthe, in order to escape her suitors, sought shelter in the temple of her friend Diana. When the passionate suitors broke down the temple gates, a jealous and angered Diana turned Rhodanthe into a rose, and her suitors into thorns.

Roses in ancient history:

In ancient Greece and Rome, roses were used as an adornment and also in many celebratory occasions. They were also highly valued for their medicinal properties.

Queen Cleopatra of Egypt used rose petals to fill her living quarters. She wanted Mark Antony to remember her every time he smelt a rose. The roses were a symbol of her passion, luxury and opulence.

Roses in European culture:


online flower deliveryRoses have a significant place in religion

Roses are also used as religious symbols. In Christianity, a rose represents the virtue of Mother Mary. This led to the creation of the rosary prayer and devotional object.

Roses have also been used as symbols of royalty across the world. The houses of York and Lancaster used white and red roses respectively as their emblems. The battles between the two houses for the throne in England became popular as the Wars of the Roses.

Rose gardening:


flower bouquetRose cultivation for commercial cut flowers

The rose species is around 35 million years old and it is being grown in Chinese and Greek gardens from around 500 B.C. The oldest rose bush, about 1000 years old, grows in the Hildesheim Cathedral in Northern Germany.

The cultivation of roses in Europe started around 17th century. The introduction of the China rose in the 18th century contributed significantly to the breeding of roses in Europe.

Roses are selectively bred to produce cultivars with favourable traits such as rich colour, longevity, disease resistance etc. The favourite for much of modern history is the Hybrid tea rose which has an enchanting colour and flower form. The first hybrid tea rose known as “La France” is a pink rose cultivated in France in 1867.

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