The Experience

OneRoze brings you the most mesmerizing, exotic roses in signature packaging that uplifts gifting experience and takes it to a luxurious level. All our flowers are grown using the most advanced technologies across Asia, Europe, Africa, and Ecuador. The pride of our collection, Frozen in Time, are the world’s longest lasting roses. They are treated in an environmentally friendly patented process abroad, to last a minimum of 6 months to one year and above.

OneRoze takes pride in carrying only the highest quality roses from across the globe. We also offer roses that are the longest lasting in the world to accentuate your beautiful moments. our roses are transported such that they remain fresh longer and reach your loved ones, farm fresh and OneRoze elegant!

Through history, we have held roses close to our hearts. Roses have always come up in legends as the symbols of love. We, at Oneroze, are restoring the cultural significance of a rose. We take immense care to not just bring you exotic flowers but also to package them with sophistication. When it comes to gifting, it is the entire experience that matters and at OneRoze, we work towards elevating that experience into unprecedented breath-taking moments that turn into life-long memories.


Stop and smell the roses

Fragrant and delicate, roses are illustrative of everything beautiful and ethereal. Nothing can elevate a gifting experience like roses do. OneRoze was conceived with the idea of bringing to India, the joy of a tender gifting experience. We operate from a studio that has been designed to perfectly complement the subtle beauty of our blooms.