7 monsoon blooms you might not have heard of

7 monsoon blooms you might not have heard of

Monsoon is a season to rejoice for all the flower enthusiasts. The season with its abundance of rains, brings sundry blooms to the cheer of many. Flowers, like people, have their own identity, and lend their aura and charm to any occasion they are used for.

Listed below are 7 popular monsoon blossoms and the values and ideas they represent.


Beautiful and lush ruffled blossoms, peonies are native to Asia, Europe and North America and hold high cultural significance in East Asian countries. They come in all colours and brighten up any occasion with their subtle charm. Peonies commonly represent romantic love, honour and tradition.

flower bouquetPeonies


Named after a Greek Goddess who is a messenger of love, irises come in a multitude of colours and are found in Europe, Asia and North America. They represent eloquence, wisdom, love, and other diverse emotions. These enticing reds, yellows and violets are also a symbol of royalty.

online bouquet deliveryIrises


An assorted spread of blooms known for their colour and fragrance, Orchids grow in almost every habitat. They come in wide-ranging colours and predominantly symbolise love, luxury, and opulence. The exceptionally rare toned-blue orchid symbolises rarity and spirituality.

flower deliveryOrchids


Fragrant funnel shaped flowers native to southern Africa, freesias come in white, red, blue-mauve, and other colours. Named by a botanist after his friend, they represent friendship, trust, and innocence. Freesias are well-known for their exquisite fragrance, which is a great stress buster.

flower delivery in hyderabadFreesias


Simple yet sophisticated, daisies are native to America, Australia and Europe. Apart from the occasional pink or rose, they are commonly white with a yellow centre. Daisies are symbols of purity and innocence. They also signify new beginnings and are gifted to mothers with new-borns.



Subtle blossoms native to North America, Europe, and Africa, Delphiniums are an impressive clump of flowers in blue, pink and white. Also known as larkspur, they convey cheer, good will, and symbolise protection. Delphiniums are gifted to encourage someone on a new mission.



Commonly known as cranesbill, geraniums are native to southern Africa and come in red, pink and shades of white. Geraniums represent happiness, good health and positive emotions. Scented geraniums are popular house-warming gifts.


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