Gift flowers to the men in your life

Gift flowers to the men in your life

Be the inimitable woman who gifts flowers to the men in her life!

Perceived as delicate and feminine, flowers are the customary gifts for women. But gifting flowers shouldn’t be confined to that ideology. Flowers convey the emotions and sentiments of the person who gifts them. They speak the language of the soul, which is the true essence of a gift. In an era of strong and confident women, be the quirky and bold woman who gifts flowers to the quintessential men in her life.

gifting flowersBe the woman who gifts flowers to the men in her life

An exquisite bouquet of flowers arranged with seasonal blooms is a fashionable choice. They are perfect to convey your myriad emotions of love, appreciation, loyalty, respect, and pride. One of the cardinal rules to be followed in gifting flowers to men is to not choose pastel colours. Men prefer vibrant and exotic blooms which have a bold and masculine look about them.

Listed below are the magnificent blooms that can be gifted to men:


online-giftingCrane flower

The man who clicked your pictures when you first learnt to walk, the one who taught you to ride your bike, and dealt patiently with all your tantrums; your father, the perfect man in your life. Appreciate your father for everything he does for you.

Gift him a bouquet of white roses arranged with exotic crane flowers and other seasonal blooms. Symbolising deep reverence, white roses are perfect to convey your admiration. Crane flowers are sleek and angular and create an impression of strength, discipline and calm. A perfect gift for the ideal man.

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                                 Gladioli flower

The man who annoyed you relentlessly, yet always lit you up with his antics. Your fierce protector and a trusted aide in all your mischief, your brother is your guide. Cherish your brother for all the love and encouragement he offers. Representing strength of character and integrity, gladioli are perfect to express your loyalty and gratitude. A bouquet of vibrant gladioli arranged with extravagant seasonal flowers makes an exquisite gift. Named after the Roman gladiators, they are ideal for your own gladiator.

 gifting flowers onlineFreesias flower

The man who is a trusted advisor and a protector, your friend is someone who always stands by you in harsh times. Express your gratitude to your friend by gifting him freesias. Spirited and warm, freesias are the iconic flowers representing friendship and convey trust and innocence. A bunch of colourful freesias is perfect to assert your camaraderie. A warm gift for the man you truly adore.

 gifting rosesRed roses

The man of your dreams, the one who brings a smile to your face and lights up your entire day. A true romantic and a chivalrous gentleman, the man you treasure. Express your true love for him with the classic crimson red rose. Symbolising passion and desire, red roses are ideal to convey your profound emotions. Exquisite red roses arranged with exotic blooms are a perfect gift. An extraordinary gift for the man you love.

An added personal touch to these gifts, such as tickets to a favorite game, a favourite bottle of wine, or a trendy gadget can create a memorable gifting experience.

OneRoze, the luxury floral brand offering online flower delivery services offers ravishing roses and exotic seasonal flowers for an enchanting gifting experience. Be it to appreciate your caring father, cherish your protective brother, acknowledge a loving friend or express your love to your perfect husband, gifting them flowers is the way to go!