Floral lane: How to start your home garden

Floral lane: How to start your home garden

“The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies.” – Gertrude Jekyll

 Online Flower DeliveryA home garden can beautify the open spaces in your home

Don’t we all agree that flowers can light us up even on the dullest of the days? We are all drawn towards gardens with beautiful flowers. And many a time, this inspires us to pick up gardening as a hobby; but we never get around to starting it. A simple home garden is all you need to light up your surroundings and your mood, every single day. While it may be perceived to be hectic, gardening isn’t as difficult as it seems.
For those willing to get their hands dirty in this process, here are the tips to get you started off.

Find the right spot

You don’t have to have a humongous lawn to have a garden; a small portion of your lawn area is sufficient. In case you live in an apartment, you can have balcony or roof-top gardens. Ensure that the spot you choose gives your plants a minimum of six hours of sun light a day.
For hot climates, it is best to opt for a spot that also protects flowers from hot winds. Always remember to start with a small garden.

 Flower DeliveryDig out the necessary area in your lawn and leave space for mower access

Clear the ground

Make sure that the area chosen does not have rocky soil or isn’t prone to water-logging as this might not be suitable for plant growth. The location should also be away from bushes that might compete with your plants for nutrients. Clear all the weeds and pebbles and if you are gardening in a part of your lawn, dig out the area and also leave additional space for mower access.

Add some compost

Prepare the soil for planting flowers by adding home-made compost consisting of kitchen waste and dry leaves. Till the organic waste through the soil in case you are digging the soil, and in case you aren’t, leave the compost on the surface and it will percolate into the soil in a few months.

 Send Flowers OnlineChoose your plants according to the soil type, location, and weather pattern

Get the right flowers

You might want to start a garden after experiencing an adrenaline rush to do something creative, and be tempted to over indulge. But remember that your plants require sufficient care and attention. So it is advisable to get a small bunch (preferably 10-20) of plants. Do your research and choose a mix of season specific and perennial plants that are also easy to grow. Choose plants such as begonias, pansies, snapdragons, marigold, and geraniums, or consult a horticulturist for advice.

Protect the garden

Protect your plants with a fence or a net to protect them from animals. Make sure that you water the plants regularly. Use garden mulch to keep your plants moist. Mulch keeps the soil fertile and prevents weed growth as well.

After all this care, there is a very good chance that your plants may not flower as expected or will wilt away even before they start to flower. Don’t panic or be disheartened. Gardening is an art that can be mastered only with practice. So, wear those gardening boots and pick up the shovel to create your own garden!