Low maintenance indoor flowering plants.

Low maintenance indoor flowering plants.

Having plants and other foliage at home just for decoration is a thing of the past! House plants offer more benefits to owners by interacting with mind and body in ways that enhance life. For starters, they purify the air around you and uplift your mood on gloomy days. We at www.oneroze.com love our daily dose of flowers, so here’s our top list of low-maintenance plants you can have at home so, either you’re a working professional who has no time or an amateur at handling plants, there’s no excuse now. 


Apart from being aesthetically beautiful, they add a great splash of colour to your indoors.



Best part is that both the leaves and flowers of this plant are heart shaped!

Peace lily

Adapted to low levels of watering, the hooded flowers are quite striking and beautiful.


Mostly used as cut flowers, carnations are also a favorite pick to plant in a pot. Colour variety is huge advantage.


Roses are somewhat tricky to grow at first. You’ll need to do some trial & error to find the perfect care for you plant but once done, they’re oh-so-beautiful.


Growing geraniums indoors is extremely easy! Being bright & colourful make it a perfect option


Considered a very traditional flower in india, marigolds are extremely cheery flowers to have at home.


Another staple flowering plant round the year with low maintenance but high thrill.


These need ample sunlight, so make sure you place them some place where they can soak up all the heat.


      A little sunlight during the day is all it takes     for this most fragrant plant to bloom.

*This is only a reference and examples of plants you can grow. It’s not a ‘how-to-plant’ guide. Please do some research before you ahead and plant some gorgeous flowers.