With Love, From OneRoze

With Love, From OneRoze

All of us celebrate Valentine’s Day in our own special way every year. But have you ever wondered how this strangely beautiful day dedicated to love came into existence?

Back in the 1400s, there was a Roman temple priest called St. Valentine who stood for love in the world and helped Christian couples wed. The ruler of the time, King Claudius II removed the priest since he believed that single men made better and more adroit soldiers than those with wives and children. But ever since, St. Valentine’s martyrdom has been celebrated by the Catholic church as Valentine’s Day to honour the virtue of love.

 Here are some ways in which One Roze hopes to help you make your Valentine’s Day even more special.


– Make Your Own Bouq

Come, be a part of the first ever One Roze Bouquet Making Workshop on the 13th of February from 5-7 PM at our One Roze Hyderabad store on Banjara Hills Road No 2. We’re a little crunched for space, so entries would be limited. So please book your seats here today! What’s more? You get to take home and gift your loved one the same bouquet you used your own hands to make! Could there be anything more special?

– Catch Your Lucky Charm

This Valentine’s Day, we’ve built a fun contest  to make your buying experience more memorable! View our Instagram story video and you’ll find a surprise charm. Get a screenshot of the charm, and you can avail a 10% off on your Valentine’s Day fresh flower bouquet. Show that screenshot at the Hyderabad store and get a gorgeous bouquet for a steal!

– Swing By Smoor / Concu

This Valentine’s Day, you no longer need to travel all the way to a One Roze store buy a floral installation. One Roze is now even available at all the Smoor outlets in Bengaluru and Concu in Hyderabad till the 14th of February! Go take your pick before Valentine’s Day! And don’t blame us if you get spoilt for choice!

– Meet The Flowers

Valentine’s Day is just round the bend, and we were hoping to extend ourselves to help make the day even more special for your loved one. Come, meet the flowers, from sweet avalanche infinity roses to lilac dragon lilies, apple green orchids to perishable paris dreams, that are a part of our exclusive Valentine’s collection; sourced, sorted and farmed from different corners of the world here. Or stop by our store to customise and book your special Valentine’s bouquet today.

– Share Your ‘One Moment’

The day the world stops to celebrate love is here. Hope you’ve had the chance to book an exclusive Valentine’s bouquet from One Roze for your special one. Please request them to share their ‘One Moment’ on Facebook or Instagram and tag us on the photo. Doing this would help them win a 10% off on their next One Roze purchase!

Stay tuned to our next blog to learn more about our farms. Till then, happy flowers to you and yours!