2 new floral mementoes in OneRoze’s cache

2 new floral mementoes in OneRoze’s cache

Roses have been treasured emblems of love and grace since time immemorial. Beautiful as they are, most of us hesitate to gift roses, due to their short lifespan. If you fall into this category, this post is a perfect piece of good news for you!

OneRoze, one of India’s very few luxury floral brands, is launching “The Enchanted”, a collection of two exciting floral mementoes!


This dainty pink box of twelve long-stemmed roses is whimsical in both design and price. Encased impeccably in carefully crafted designer packaging, these roses are sourced from exotic farms located across the world. The roses come with complimentary hydration tubes and floral feed to keep them fresh and vibrant, long after they are bought.

Pair these stunning blooms with your favourite desserts, a handwritten message, and a generous dollop of love, and you have a gift equipped to win any heart. The experience of gifting roses has never been more beautiful and lasting.

 online bouquet delivery12 long-stemmed ‘whimsical’ roses, equipped to win any heart!

The Long Lasting rose:

Remember those childhood fairy tales with beauties, beasts, and roses that are enchanted to stay fresh for years? Well, The Long Lasting Rose is a floral delight that seems to come straight out of a fairytale! Treated with a patented natural process, the magical bloom is designed to last for a minimum of six months to a few years.

Enchant your princess with this delicate rose, boxed in our signature style packaging. You’ll be surprised how long this rose, and the memory, would last!

 online flower deliveryThis enchanted bloom is sure tocast a spell that lasts a lifetime!

Handwritten messages:

If you are someone who believes that sweet words best complement sweet gestures, you have another piece of good news! In addition to online flower delivery services, OneRoze offers delicately crafted, handwritten messages on high-quality stationery, that can be paired with your blooms.

These well-thought-out messages are chosen to reflect your bonding with all your loved ones, on different occasions.

flower delivery in hyderabadWhatever be the occasion, and whoever be your love, a message awaits just for you!

The best part of the news is that these new products come at a stunningly affordable price of only Rs. 999! Pair your roses with sweet treats from Concu, and beautiful, handwritten messages from OneRoze, Hyderabad. You are sure to etch for your loved one, a memory that lasts forever!