Floral lane: DIY Flower arrangement

Floral lane: DIY Flower arrangement

“In joy or sadness, flowers are our constant friends.”- Okakura Kakuzō

Are you someone who loves having flowers around? In vibrant shades or in pastels, they can light up any space. If you find yourself agreeing with us, then we bet you will love flower arrangement too! As complex as it may seem, flower arrangement is an art that can be learnt. All you have to do is understand these basic steps to design your own classy floral arrangement.

 online flower deliveryChoose flowers and foliage that complement each other

Pick your colour mix

Pick colours that complement each other as a riot of colours may result in a messy arrangement. You can opt to create a monochromatic bouquet, featuring the same colour in different shades or if you want a mix of colours, choose flowers in 2 or 3 harmonious colour tones. Also, make sure that all the flowers in the arrangement look like they belong.

Get the right floral blend

As an amateur, you might be tempted to pick all the prettiest flowers and put them together, but many florists will vouch for the fact that choosing fewer knockout flowers makes for a stunning arrangement. Opt for greens that go with the green in your flowers. If you want to go for a different shade, you can strip the blooms of their leaves.

 send flowers onlinePrep your blooms in time to ensure longevity

Prep your blooms

Remove the excess foliage from your flowers and place them in a bucket of cold water. This ensures that they stay hydrated till the time you start arranging them. You can also make a diagonal cut at the end of the stem or split the stem at the base so that your flower absorbs more water.

Time to arrange

Start off by arranging leafy greens and fill the spaces with flowers. Make a bunch of three or more flowers of the same kind and place them in the arrangement. This makes the entire bunch look elegant and ensures that even the fillers get noticed. Continue to rotate the jar as you add flowers, to make it look beautiful from all angles. You can also opt to add a single contrasting bloom that stands out in the entire arrangement.

 flower deliveryChoose vases that define your style

Storage tips

To ensure that your arrangement lasts long, you can add flower food or bleach to the water to kill the bacteria in it. Keep the leaves on the stems minimal so that the flowers can get more water. Ensure that the leaves do not submerge in the water as they tend to rot faster.

Get creative with your vase

Instead of using a standard glass jar for a vase, you can pick coloured mason jars, antique china, discarded wine bottles or make one on your own. Experiment with your plain glass vase by adding pebbles or coloured water. You can also choose to go radical and submerge flowers in a glass vase or hang them to create a floral chandelier.

We hope these ideas help you start off on your floral arrangement. Keep it simple and chic to create an enchanting effect.

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