5 Endearing childhood memories all siblings have

5 Endearing childhood memories all siblings have

“I wish the night would end,
I wish the day’d begin,
I wish it would rain or snow,
or the wind would blow,
or the grass would grow,
I wish I had yesterday,
I wish there were games to play…”

Remember the first time you had to see your brother off to college? You may not have expressed it, but you must have felt your heart sink to the pit of your stomach. All the fights you had with him, all the times you chased him around with the heaviest of weapons (puny, childish “weapons” like pillows), they were just the way you expressed love.

A brother and sister bond is mysterious like that. You can stand neither closeness nor distance.

This Rakshabandhan, let us take a brief trip down the memory lane to revisit those little battles we all fought with our siblings.

Who’s in ‘control’ today?

Watching TV with a sibling is like reliving World War II! That wild bickering for the remote control runs so out of hand that neither ends up actually watching the TV. If you remember one of those fights, we are sure you agree that these fights are way more entertaining than television can ever be!

 online-flower-deliveryWatching TV with a sibling is like reliving World War II

That’s my seat you’re sitting on!

Don’t you just love sticking your head out the window of a running bus? We know you love the soothing feel of the wind in your face, but if your sibling loves it as much, then it means war. You can’t help but agree that your family trips would have been spiritless without those petty fights for “window seat.”

flower deliverySibling wars make family trips so much more enjoyable

I’m not sharing!

No matter how big the jar and no matter how many cookies you already had, that last piece is still the tastiest! Especially so if your sibling wants it too. Those meaningless squabbles over last bits of food are a must to make every meal memorable.

 send flowers onlineLast bite of the pie is the tastiest bit!

Hey, it’s my turn!

If you are a millennial, you might remember those golden old days when your whole family worked on one desktop computer. This meant waiting patiently for your turn to work on the school project, while your sibling fools around on the internet. Yes, this is exactly as annoying as it sounds. And this time, there is no silver lining!

online bouquet deliveryI have a project to work on!

Haha, you lose!

Partnering with your sibling to play the video games is like inviting your own death. It is never going to end in peace. And that pure look of glee in your sibling’s eyes is more because of your losing than his winning!

flower bouquet onlineI don’t mind losing as long as you don’t win!

If you found yourself nodding in agreement to any of the above list, remember you are not alone. All siblings go through this sweet phase of rivalry. Though the ever-elusive peace is never going to settle between any two siblings, love is also a constant presence. It becomes more profound with growing distance and passing time.

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If you have siblings staying away from you, time is here to let them know how much they mean to you. This Rakshabandhan, gift them something truly special and memorable.

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