Are the Indian Floral Brands On Par with Global Standards?

Are the Indian Floral Brands On Par with Global Standards?

If this question was raised half a decade ago, the answer would have been a definite ‘no’. However, in recent years, India took new form as a young, urban and vibrant nation. New markets have opened up, and new floral brands took birth, with the intention of adding beauty and elegance to our celebrations.

To answer our initial question of quality, let us take a close look at what the floral brands of other countries are doing differently:

Variety: Flowers make a versatile choice for gifting. Just like we associate red roses with love, different flowers and colours indicate different emotions. Globally, floral brands offer an overwhelming range of blooms to accentuate any occasion.Each season, fresh selections of foliage, and new flowers are added to the product range. These include hydrangeas from Holland, wax plums from Europe, hyacinths, hypericums, and calla lilies, among many others.

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Wax plums from Europe

Wax plums from Europe

What is interesting is that this diversity is also observed in individual flower choices.For example, some brands offer an array of over a dozen colours in roses alone!

Quality:Nothing beats the excitement of owing something rare and exotic. This proves true for flowers too. Globally, luxurious floral brands source their blooms from flower gardens across the world. This contributes majorly to the rarity, beauty, and quality of their products.

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OneRoze brings international standards of quality to India

Elegant packaging: For flowers, packaging serves two purposes: one is to complement their subtle elegance, and the other is to retain their fragrance and freshness for a longer time. Across the globe, flowers are packed with care, in artistically designed containers that are equipped to keep the flowers garden-fresh and vibrant.

Durability:Today,some flower containers come equipped with hydration tubes and floral feed, which aid in magically extending the life of flowers.

Have you heard of roses that last for nearly three years? Some brands also use patented technology to keep flowers fresh for unbelievably long periods.

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Rare icy blue roses kept fresh using freeze dry technology

Service quality: Unlike in the yester years, floral brands of today offer you the luxury of delivering flowers to your doorstep. With prompt delivery and exemplary service quality, your gifting experience is rendered memorable and hassle-free.

Customization:To give your gifting experience its unique twist, international floral labels also offer customized, hand-written greetings. The message you wish to convey is written beautifully by hand, on premium quality stationery. This gives your gifts a unique personal touch that is rarely found in our country.

OneRoze is a luxury floral brand that brings these rare services to your doorstep, here in India. It offers a quality on par, if not better, than global standards. From product creation to its delivery, the brand talks the same language of absolute beauty and untainted elegance. It speaks the language of roses. So, if you want to surprise your loved ones with beautiful, long-lasting roses, you don’t have to go too far!