Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

She nurtured you and made you who you are. She was there with you at every step regardless of what she was going through. She never expected anything in return. Despite loving her the most, you never show it to her, do you? You never let her know just how empty your life would be without her and just how special she is.

May be that’s why Mother’s Day came to be. The first Sunday in the month of May is dedicated to the most special creations of God. While we agree that every day should be Mother’s Day we also appreciate the fact that one entire day is dedicated to mothers. This day makes us take time out and think of the blessing she is. How about making it super special for her? We know words fail you. How about expressing it through lovely gifts? Oh worry not, we have the perfect list that you can choose from.

Roses, pearls and perfumes:

This super fragrant trio will fill the atmosphere with love and emotion. As Coco Chanel puts it, “Classy girls wear pearls.” Classy moms too! If your mother has a penchant for pearls, (who doesn’t?) you should get her that pretty necklace she eyed recently. Don’t forget to pair it with gorgeous roses that bloom like her love for you. Perfume, of course, you know her better than we do!

macarons-onlineLilac long life roses,mother’s day special roses,Valentino perfume and Chanel Pearls: Beauty, fragrance, and elegance boxed in style.

Roses and luxury gifts:

Be it Jimmy Choo or Chloe shoulder bag, make sure you pick out something that your mother will cherish for a very long time. Pair them with our Impressions collection and you have a winner right there. Easy, eh?

You can also get her a classic Prouna- Emperor Vase (A vibrant vase from the emperor collection with a gold trim) to transfer the roses into. It will accentuate the center table quite beautifully.

online-flower-deliveryChloe-Hudson Shoulder bag & Prouna Emperor Vase- Designed to match the matchless.

Roses and desserts:

For the sweet tooth mom, nothing is more pleasing than desserts. Be it a cake or macarons (or both), Mother’s Day is the perfect time to spoil her with everything she loves.

 online-flower-deliveryMacarons and cakes from Concu: Every bite just as sweet as she is.


You can give her everything in the world but the happiness she’ll feel when you sit down with her and chat is priceless. This Mother’s Day, we advise you to dedicate your time to her. Walk with her in the park or spend some time cooking with her. You’ll cherish the glint in her eye for the rest of your life!

parkThe entire world cannot match up to your love for her.

We hope all her dreams come true and all her wishes see the light. Happy Mother’s Day