Reasons you should stop doing everything and thank your mother

Reasons you should stop doing everything and thank your mother

A mother is special and the day you truly realize her worth, you will wonder how such a mickle of love could ever fit into a human being.

Her hugs, her prayers, and her unfaltering care have made us who we are. But, oftentimes we just don’t realize how much she has done for us. We don’t even acknowledge it!

We never thanked her for always being there…

Whether we were in a foul mood, or she was, she always made sure she was right where we wanted her to be.

No matter what time of the day or night, no matter the distance between us, and no matter how busy she was doing all that she did, she was always there -to guide us, comfort us, inspire us, and console us.

We never thanked her for teaching us…

Teaching us to walk, talk and laugh. Also, to sit down, be quiet, and cry.

Teaching us what unconditional love means by loving us even when it isn’t easy.

Teaching us to rise above circumstances, push ourselves, and achieve success while never compromising on our values and principles.

Above all, teaching us not by preaching but by role modelling.

We never thanked her for being our most ardent fan…

For sitting through all our plays, annual days, and recitals.

For organizing our birthday parties, being there at our graduation ceremony and award functions, and cheering us to go beyond what we think we could achieve.

For accepting us with our flaws and for believing that we are the best children the world could have.

We never thanked her for understanding…

Understanding our toddler troubles, our teenage tantrums, and our adult stress.

She handled everything so well and without a single complaint.

She understood when we cried incessantly for 3 whole days over a lost crayon.

She understood when we ‘hated’ her and thought she has never been where we were, and she even understood when we were too busy to take time out for her.

She understood us through all when we couldn’t understand ourselves.

Now is the time to thank her…

Don’t wait till it’s too late to express love to the single most important person of your life. Thanking her and making her feel special is the least you can do.Send her gorgeous flowers now!